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This workout will begin with all four athletes doing 15 Sandbag Cleans with the Ilo. When they complete their 15 reps they will drop the Ilo in their lane and split into two pairs consisting of one male and one female (P1 = MF; P2 = MF). P1 will begin 15 partner DL's while P2 will begin 20 sync. toes-to-bar. Once both pairs have completed their reps they will switch places and P2 will do 15 DL's and P1 will do 20 sync. toes-to-bar. Then they will all go back to the Ilo to begin 12 Sandbag Cleans and continue with the workout as stated above. 

The sandbag clean finishes when all four athletes are standing tall with knees locked out and hips extended and all four sandbags are resting on their shoulders. If an athlete drops before all four athletes are clearly in the finish postion that rep will not be counted. 


Once the bags are dropped the athletes must step over the bags and begin another clean on the opposite side.

The beginning or the bottom of the toes to bar, both athletes arms must be fully extended and their heels must be behind the vertical plane of the bar. 

Completion of the syncronized toes to bar, both athletes feet must come in to contact with bar at the same time. Feet must come into contact with bar in between the hands, any part of the foot may make contact as long as it is at the same time and synchronized. 


We will allow one athlete to hold the finish postion and the other to complete the rep if possible. 

At the top of the deadlift athletes must clearly have knees locked out and hips extended. Also, the shoulders must be behind the bar at the top.


No bouncing at bottom of rep, if the athletes elbows bend at the bottom of the deadlift, this will be considered a no rep. NO BOUNCING. 

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