Partner Amanda

The following workout is waterfall style, pair must wait for the pair in front of them to complete thier movements. (ex. P1 shares 18 MU's, once they finish, they move to 18 shared squat snatches, P2 can begin their 18 shared MU's after P1 has completed theirs. P1 can not go back to begin their 14 shared MU's until P2 has completed their initial 18 shared MU's).


Ring muscle ups, the athlete must pass through a dip and show control at the top of the movement while locked out. If the athlete is not clearly locking out above the rings at the top of the muscle up they will be no repped. If an athlete is locking out behind the rings at the top that is a no rep. 

At the top of the muscle up the athlete must show control and have both arms locked out. 

The athletes hip crease must be clearly below the knees for the squatch snatch. IF its borderline, judges will be instructed to just no rep the athlete. 

The athletes chest must touch the floor at the bottom of the burpee.

The athletes chest must clearly come into contact with the bar on the chest-to-bar pull-ups.

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